Innovations :

  1. Special Collaborations by ASC

  • British Council, New Delhi: Academic lectures, film shows, workshops, exhibitions, cultural programmes
  • American Embassy & The United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI): Conducting workshops with the teacher participants, visits of American Professors and academicians visiting India to lecture at the ASC.
  • Federation of Film Societies of India, New Delhi & Lucknow Film Association (LUFA), Lucknow
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  • Collaboration with the cultural centres of the Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Germany, Embassy of France etc. is made from time to time to arrange various cultural programmes.
  • Greater interaction and collaborations with various academic/research/ scientific/cultural institutes and organizations of National and State level stature in the city has been ensured eg. IIM, CIMAP, GSI, ITRC, ICPR, SIRD, UNICEF, IIT UPAAM, NRLCC, CDRI, NBRI, BSIP, Hindi Sansthan, BNA etc .
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  1. Activities initiated by the ASC to ensure the quality of the, Programmes and to build up the image of the ASC:

  • Innovations in pedagogy - A more culture centric/specific pedagogy is used.
  • Innovative pedagogy for classroom teaching
    • Use of Theatre in Education
    • Internet as an Educational tool to expand classroom resources,
    • Large participative activities enhancing classroom learning like quizzes, Mind teasers, performance oriented acts and study, simulations etc.
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Activities by ASC :

  • A year round Open Lecture series on various issues related to Higher Education.
  • Every month a value based discourse for University and degree college teachers in an interactive, informal format using Theatre, Devotional music etc.
  • Publication of a Newsletter and research papers submitted by participants is being edited and published in special volumes.
  • The first volume on "Good Governance in India" a product of the Refresher Course in Public Administration/Political Science has been published and released by UGC Chairman in September 2003.
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  • The following data are acquired and processed at the College for each course conducted:

    • Expectations and fears of each participant in the course, in a narrative style, is taken on the first day during the interaction with the Director and Co-ordinator. Effort is made to ensure that fears are put to rest and expectations are met.
    • Faculty Evaluations/Evaluation of resource person by the participant – Serious note is made of this information while approving experts for the next course.
    • Review Writing Exercises about the course in a Qualitative narrative style.
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  • Course Content Analysis:

    • by the participants
    • by the Resource person
  • Evaluation of participants by the subject expert.
  • Post Training Feedback Format to be filled
    • by the teachers trained - after six months of attending the course.
    • by the Principal of the College/Head of the Department at the University.
    • by the students of the particular teacher.
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  • Teaching methodology adopted - participatory formats

  • Group discussions.
  • Brain storming sessions.
  • Interactive sessions.
  • Reviews.
  • Seminars.
  • Audio-Visual presentations.
  • Live demonstrations by artists/performers/filmmakers.
  • Demonstrations for use of theatre performance in classroom teaching.
  • Subject specific Quiz competitions.
  • Lecture demonstrations.
  • Yoga and Meditation classes.
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  • Lecture and practical sessions in Information Communication Technology/ Internet/Computers.
  • 8 to 10 units of Lectures & Demonstration on the timetable are assigned for Pedagogy.
  • Educational study tour/visits - to national and state level institutions of higher learning and research – access to their libraries and other facilities for the participants.
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  • Workshops for participants (2 to 3 days) on

  • Leadership Development *Self Defense *Creative Writing
  • Women empowerment *Gender Sensitization *Time Management
  • Communication and Language Skills *Innovations in classroom teaching
  • Research Methodology etc.
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  • Painting Exhibitions/Poster Exhibitions/Feature film and documentary film festivals organized during the OPs & RCs.
  • Special Open Lecture Series – eminent international scholars/Fullbright scholars are invited.
  • Workshops/seminars/training Programmes for college principals/ senior academicians from the catchments area have been organised. Innovations in this sphere are being envisaged.
  • Subject wise need analysis of the catchment area was done in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education ‑ Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. In 2001‑2002 and 2002‑2003
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